Vida Downtown, Dubai

FullSizeRender-117Vida Downtown Dubai is a completely new and exciting concept of accommodation in the heart of the city just a few steps away from Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall. The combination of modern luxury and Arabic architecture is really unique and creates an exceptional home away from home.



FullSizeRender-109The lobby embraces warmth, simplicity and youthful vitality. You can completely feel the perfect harmony between the modern fresh and the classic Arabic atmosphere.


FullSizeRender-119The hotel’s swimming pool with cabanas, is a truly Oasis during the hot days in Dubai. You can relax and enjoy a dive while having a delicious cocktail. In the night the scenery around the pool is totally transformed into a vibrant hot spot where you can chill while having a shisha.

FullSizeRender-111Before I got into my room I had the chance to try some of the hotels’s restaurant delicious dishes on the terrace. The goat cheese salad and the beef tenderloin was a gastronomic masterpiece.


IMG_2722Getting in the room, a welcome organic drink was waiting for me as well as some nice presents by the amazing and friendly stuff. The room was bright, spacious, minimal and cosy. It was all you can ask for your home in the centre of Dubai.


FullSizeRender-110The next morning breakfast was served on the terrace by the swimming pool. A perfect start for your day. The buffet was huge with a variety of delicious food for all the tastes.

IMG_2296Ready to hit the city. Wearing my Cos stores dark blue jumpsuit and Sama eyewear. The golden sneakers added an extra glam to my outfit.

FullSizeRender-116Vida, meaning ‘life’ in Spanish is a fresh, vibrant and modern place that can easily promise an unforgettable experience in the centre of one of the world’s top destinations.



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