The Capra, Saas-Fee

The brand new boutique chalet, The Capra, gives a fresh essence of luxury and alpine lifestyle to the pearl of the swiss Alps, the Saas Fee. An all-suite hotel in an outstanding location, in a car-less village with one of the longest ski seasons in Switzerland.

The Capra offers panoramic view of the Alps from all the suites. Enjoy the view of the village that has been chosen to be the protagonist of one of the most well known Christmas songs, Last Christmas by Wham!

The Capra is the ultimate place to relax. Chill by the fireplace with friends and family and enjoy some wine and cocktails from the bar or try the fine dining restaurant, La Locanda with an Italian menu with a Swiss touch.

FullSizeRender-35IMG_0121The elegant atmosphere with earth tones inspired by the alpine scenery make you feel like home. Cosiness and luxurious comforts are well-blended in every corner of the hotel.

The spacious suite features a separate living space and private balcony with view of the snowy Alps. Wooden floors and walls make the suite even more cosy and suitable to the scenery. Have a relaxing bath with an amazing view from the window next to the bathtub or visit the spa for sauna or a signature Swiss chocolate treatment.

The most delicious breakfast in bed with that view is the most amazing way to start your day.
The Capra is an ideal Alpine vacation in a breathtaking location that makes your stay unforgettable. Is your home away from home.

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