Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel, Barcelona


Different location but still in the centre and with a panoramic view. The Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel is a new entry in Barcelona’s accommodation. Their moto is “Live as native” and they are right! It’s a fresh, playfull and friendly hotel.




The breakfast, where you can taste some Catalan specials, is delicious and you can also enjoy it on the beautiful porch.



Take the “stairway to heaven” and get to the rooftop’s pool.



Near by the hotel is Casa Lolea. Don’t forget to try their red and white sangria in the pois bottle.



A beautiful escape from the city’s centre is Gaudi’s Park Güell. A fairytale scenery with houses that looks like they are made from candies and ice cream.


Talking about ice cream, the best place for it is Topping Circus in the old city. Try the ice cream burger… Don’t go far cause you’ll go back for more.


The perfect location to say goodbye to Barcelona is Montjuïc and the city will wear it’s best colours with a rainbow to make you come back.

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