Santorini Secret Suites & Spa


Seeing Santorini from above I was trying to bring in front of my eyes the round shape the island used to have before the volcano explosion that gave to the island not only the current form it has today but also the beauty.



When I saw Santorini Secret Suites & Spa in Oia and the view from there it felt like I was in heaven. It has cave suites with private swimming pools or outdoor jacuzzi with a view of the caldera and the volcano.



I was warmly welcomed with a passion fruit cocktail which I have enjoyed drinking it at the bar by the main infinity pool.



I went to my suite with the huge veranda and the private pool. I loved the minimal design which was so suitable to the island and it captures the unique combination between the old and the new. Built from authentic volcanic materials contrasted against an interior design with the latest trends.



I was thrilled that I did’t have to go somewhere else to see the famous sunset of Oia. Or even better order a sushi platter from the hotel’s awarded Japanese restaurant “Oozora” while the sun was painting the white houses orange.

Tip: I love the versatility of Daniel Wellington straps. I chose a blue and white one to match with the scenery.


At night I had a walk at the little streets of Oia and went for dinner at Ambrosia restaurant where I ‘ve tasted Santorini’s fava and the famous tomato balls.

Tip: A total Siviglia outfit was suitable for a classy dinner.



Opening my eyes in the morning, I saw my breakfast waiting for me on the veranda. Filled with energy I went to the famous Black beach named after the lava that gave it’s black colour and then off to the unique Red beach.


A while before the sunset I found a nice spot on a rooftop at the castle area in Oia and I wasn’t the only one. Many people gathered there to admire the beauty of the sunset and when the sun goes down the air was filled with the sound of the applause. 🙂

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