Taj Palace, Marrakech


After the intense experience of the Medina, I wanted a place to relax. Where else but the exotic Palmerie of Marrakech. The gates opened and there it was. One of the most glorious hotel, the Taj Palace Marrakech.


It’s the hotel where Sex and the City 2 was filmed. It’s a funny thing, before travelling to Marrakech the movie was playing on the tv. There was a scene where Carrie forgot her passport to a shoe seller’s bench… and I was like… how stupid can someone be to forget his passport. Turns out no more stupid than I am!!! While I was checking-in at the hotel, I realised that I lost my passport. Loose your passport in Marrakech and you are stuck in Marrakech. Fortunately it was back at the riad. 



The hotel’s interior was inspired by India and Africa. Coloured hallways with moroccan style lights hanging from the ceiling will lead you to the suites with a view at the enormous pool and the Atlas mountains.

Tip: Stepping in Taj Palace don’t forget to wear the right shoes.




Relax at the suite’s spacious balcony or chill by the pool. In the afternoon you can enjoy a massage with moroccan oil at the spa.


The stuff of the hotel will arrange a camel ride at the palmerie. A must have experience.


Sleeping at night with the lullaby of frogs and waking up the next morning with the birds singing was something unforgettable.


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