JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Venice


We all love the classic hotels of Venice but the smell of a brand new hotel on a private island is unbeatable! I was lucky enough to visit JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa on the first week of it’s opening.


The boat approached the deck of the island. The path through the beautiful gardens led me to the elegant lobby of the hotel.


Getting into my suite the first think I noticed was the smell of the brand new furniture and fabrics. The suite wasn’t only huge but it also had a perfect view of the lagoon and the gardens. I ‘ve put on my swimsuit and got straight to the rooftop. I couldn’t wait any longer to get into the infinity pool which was overlooking the Piazza San Marco. Inside the pool there was a jacuzzi where you can relax drinking your cocktail.


Venice doesn’t need an introduction! By the time you step your foot there you feel like you have been there before. Hundreds of gondolas are waiting patiently for the tourists. The whole scenery is like a movie set. How can one imagine that the buildings of Venice are constructed on wooden piles.


A coffee at Caffè Florian with the live orchestra while looking at the Basilica di San Marco and the Doge’s Palace will blow you away.

Tip: A blue suit jacket, a marine t-shirt and a beige pair of trousers is always a good choice in Venice


I walked through the little streets of Venice but I was stopping every second to feel the charm of the canals.


And suddenly there it was! The Rialto bridge standing proud in front of me and of course the largest canal of Venice, the Grand Canal.


Have lunch at the little Italian restaurants by the canal and watch the gondolas passing by or even better jump into one and make a round of Venice while the gondolier sings or giving you a mini tour of the city.

Tip: Wear your classic Lacoste polo and a Daniel Wellington watch.



Don’t forget to take some pictures while the gondola is passing under the Bridge of Sighs.



Good Morning! It’s my Birthday! After the amazing breakfast, there was a little surprise waiting for me in the room. A cute chocolate cake by the hands of the hotel’s chef. 🙂 A quick dive at the pool and a visit at the largest spa facilities in Venice located in the hotel. Off to the city!




How about some shopping or a cappuccino at the Bauer Hotel? Both!


Tip: Anchors… anchors… anchors. Was I clear enough?


And after coffee… lunch at the Gritti Palace, a classic venetian hotel with a wonderful cuisine and a beautiful view.


Words are poor in front of the gloriousness of this city! You just have to visit.


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