The Westin Excelsior, Florence


Arriving in Florence the next morning it was like the city welcomes me with music! There was a piano just outside the Duomo and for my surprise, Simon Fuller was playing. The whole scenery was pure magic.

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I walked along the river and the beautiful Ponte Vecchio until I arrived to my hotel.

Tip: Wear a sweatshirt with a renaissance print.




The Westin Excelsior Florence. My suite was high enough to give me a panoramic view of Florence and the river. It has a big balcony and sun beds in order to chill out a bit with soft music and a glass of tuscan wine. The decoration was classic according to the Florence’s style. On the rooftop bar you can enjoy tasteful cocktails.


The next morning and after lolling for a while in that comfortable bed I got up and went to Piazza del Duomo. I had my morning coffee at Scudieri cafe under the bright sun. That was everything I needed in that particular day of January… Well… Almost everything! I couldn’t wait to get to Uffizi gallery. One of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. Nice! I fed my soul with art but I had to feed my body as well. Got to Osteria Santo Spirito restaurant with out further thought. My tomato and basil pasta was very simple, yet very “delicioso”!

Tip: Wear total jeans and leather.


I skipped the dessert at the restaurant but i couldn’t skip a nocciola ice cream in a cone covered with chocolate and nuts. Got back to my hotel and enjoyed the beautiful sunset from my balcony where every little roof top in Florence was painted orange and made the scenery even more gorgeous.

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